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Meanwhile, the algorithms that companies use to suggest potential dates to their clients are carefully guarded industry secrets.So, even though some companies claim that their methods are scientifically proven to spark romance, independent researchers do not have access to the formulas for testing.Everything from ivory to rubber has been used to augment breasts since the beginning of the 20th century. "I think it's because there’s a growing awareness that there is a solution to something that's extra troubling to men of all ages.Nothing worked well (one of the first experimental substances, paraffin, had particularly bad results, with breasts that grew hard and lumpy and high rates of infection) until the Dow Corning Corporation developed the first silicone breast implants in 1961. It can have a tremendous psychological effect on young men going through puberty." In fact, the popularity of such procedures is growing so fast that Gilman believes there will come a point in the next 10 years or so where people will wonder why you didn't have a cosmetic procedure if you have sagging skin under your jaw or lines around your eyes.New techniques developed during World War II helped further increase demand for -- and types of -- the elective surgeries.The era of minimally-invasive techniques has marked a new generation of plastic surgery options, with 14.6 million cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2012, up 5 percent since 2011.

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The riskiness of asking someone for a date is pretty hard for a lot of people.

The findings also point out ways that the industry might serve its clients better.

"The fact that online dating exists is a boon for singles, and it is a great addition to the way singles can meet potential partners," said Eli Finkel, a social psychologist at Northwestern University in Chicago.

By then, the first textbook about facial cosmetic surgery was in circulation, called "The Correction of Featural Imperfections" by Charles Miller. (It's followed by nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction, and facelifts.) "People who have had significant weight loss are coming to grips with dealing with [their bodies]," said surgeon David Reath, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Women sought face lifts for reasons associated with vanity, not employment. "Whether they've lost weight through weight reduction surgery or diet and exercise, if they were overweight for a long period, the "This is up in every age group of men," Reath said.

Excessive profile-browsing can also be detrimental because of the problem that people tend to run into when they have too many choices.