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For the metadata reconciliation process, I chose to work in Open Refine[5][6], a popular data manipulation and transformation tool.I added the RDF Refine plugin from DERI[7] (these services have also been combined to form LODRefine, but as I worked from Open Refine with the plugin installation, that’s how I’ll discuss it), which allows one to both export Open Refine projects as linked data and to use linked data services alongside other reconciliation services.These fields may be used in searching the colloquia or in cross-site search, but there is no formal relation to an author’s Fedora object record or publications. This article outlines my step-by-step process, with scripts and screenshots, for extracting metadata from the Authors & Publications collection, transforming it into an RDF reconciliation service for Open Refine, extracting appropriate Colloquia metadata from Fedora, using that Open Refine service to augment the Colloquia metadata, and re-ingesting the augmented data back into Fedora.

It contains five collections spotlighting aspects of work produced by the Goddard Space Flight Center—Authors & Publications, Case Studies, Colloquia, Balloon Technology Documents, and the Goddard News.

The collection is in the process of being back-dated to 2000, but will not extend earlier because of the challenges in gathering reliable author metadata from over 15 years ago.

In the Colloquia collection, on the other hand, only 710 of the over-5000 records (around 14%) have a Goddard presenter.

The author and publication records are connected using Fedora 3’s built-in RDF/XML language, RELS-EXT.

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A publication would include the statement for each Goddard author.

PIDs consist of a colon-separated prefix and suffix.

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