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It was written by guitarist Tommy Shaw, who told us in 2011 that he's delighted with the long life the song has enjoyed thanks to constant radio play, as well as placement on movie and TV soundtracks including .If this list was strictly about those classic rock songs performed at football games, it would undoubtedly rank much higher.Like many groups in the time period, Kansas toured and recorded relentlessly, supporting three albums that sold modestly despite their growing live following.Taking a short breather to record what would become their fourth album, 1976's , frontman Steve Walsh ran into writer’s block.Next to some of the proggier moments on , "Carry On Wayward Son" feels comparatively restrained and compact, even though it stretches out across nearly five and a half minutes.Livgren’s engaging storyline of a man embattled with the voices and visions in his head is driven forward by guitar riffing, organ swells and solos from nearly every member in the band.While this isn't exactly as bad-ass, the song was also introduced to a much younger generation when Alvin and the Chipmunks covered it for an episode of their television series.

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As of November 2007, the track had logged a whopping two million radio airplays according to BMI. Blue Sky" and "Livin' Thing" have faded into history, "Don't Bring Me Down" may stand as Lynne's greatest recorded legacy.96: Molly Hatchet, "Flirtin' With Disaster"The triple-guitar attack of Jacksonville’s Molly Hatchet takes our list on the ultimate search and destroy mission, challenging the eardrum health of rock music fans everywhere via "Flirtin’ With Disaster."Like a flash flood of boulders tumbling down a mountain, "Flirtin’" storms the castle with big, burly badass Danny Joe Brown at the helm, manipulating the musical landscape with his distinctively boisterous lead vocals, which to this day are instantly identifiable."Flirtin’ With Disaster" is a road song in the tradition of similar great songs of its ilk, telling the tale of living fast, living hard and flying way too close to the edge. Styx, "Renegade"The jig is up, the news is out, you've finally found Styx on our big countdown.Luckily, guitarist Kerry Livgren was overflowing creatively with ideas and he still had one song that he hadn’t shared with the band.Once the members heard the initial idea for "Carry On Wayward Son," they knew the songwriting gold that they had on hand and went straight into the recording studio without even pausing to rehearse the track.Their legacy amounted to only one studio album, but the strength of its songs and performances have made it a lasting favorite for rock fans. Clapton went on to his successful solo career, Traffic eventually reformed, and both Baker and Grech continued on, but this one-off collaboration still shines brightly.93: George Thorogood, "Bad to the Bone"George Thorogood and the Destroyers have a penchant for rockin' covers of all kinds of blues songs, but the band is probably best known for a song George wrote himself: "Bad to the Bone."It didn't get much attention when it was released on the 1982 album of the same name, but MTV liked it and put the video for the track into heavy rotation.

Recorded during the first half of 1969, Clapton, Winwood and Baker all contributed songs to the project, but this classic from the Traffic frontman stands out as the definitive statement. The clip features a live performance by the Destroyers along with scenes of a cigar-chomping Thorogood shooting pool with Bo Diddley, and that may not have been happenstance: George is known for covering Diddley's "Who Do You Love?It's unknown if any other members of ELO even played on the track. Feeling like perhaps a change of course might be a good idea? Brown and Molly Hatchet cover it all at a blistering pace and sadly, the story seems to foreshadow Brown’s own health problems, which would force him to depart the group in 1980.