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Tumours were observed in the liver, thyroid, and mammary gland of rats following long term exposure to PFOS.

Non-cancer effects occurring at the lowest level of exposure to PFOS in animals include effects on the immune system, liver effects, effects on the thyroid and changes in serum lipid levels.

PFOS was used for water, oil and/or stain resistance on surface and paper-based applications, such as rugs and carpets, fabric and upholstery.

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updating a new englander

There are some methods that can be used to measure PFOS in drinking water at levels well below the proposed MAC.

Both cancer and non-cancer endpoints were considered in the derivation of the proposed MAC for PFOS in drinking water.

The non-cancer approach, based on liver effects in rats, was used to calculate a proposed MAC that is protective of human health from both cancer and non‑cancer effects.

It should be noted that this guideline technical document on PFOS in drinking water will be revised following evaluation of comments received, and a drinking water guideline will be established, if required.

This document should be considered as a draft for comment only. The purpose of this consultation is to solicit comments on the proposed guideline, on the approach used for its development and on the potential economic costs of implementing it, as well as to determine the availability of additional exposure data.

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