Ncis los angeles season 3 episode 22 online dating

09-Jul-2017 09:27

In the Los Angeles spin-off, the agents work for the covert operations branch of NCIS, called the Office of Special Projects.

Heading up the OSP is Henrietta (Hetty) Lange, a fearsome and brilliant but vertically-challenged leader.

It is not related to the CSI franchise, however, except in as much as it shares a network with them.

Rather, it is the spin-off of the hugely popular NCIS, known in some cases by its rather redundant first season title 'Navy NCIS.'NCIS stands for the Naval Criminal Investigative Services, which polices crimes committed by and against Navy personnel and the Marines.

Nothing on this show will grab you--it just doesn't have any pull. It looks like they work in some sort of dressing room or boutique which caters to wannabees from Universal or somewhere. CSI, on the other hand--both Miami and NY are better than the original. None of those qualities are included here, and all the things that made the other copycats so easily ignored are!

What happened to the elements that set NCIS apart from the crowd of CSI-wannabes?

Running the field operations team is agent G Callen.

For crime show lovers, the name NCIS: Los Angeles probably sparks some hint of recognition.A former Navy SEAL, Hanna has more faith in his fellow man, but respects Callen's instincts.The two of them work together like a well-oiled team, and engender many jokes about their 'work marriage'.Dominic is the newest agent, and means well but still has some rough edges.

Operational psychologist Nate Getz is the tallest member of the team, towering over everyone in the room at all times.No leader, except for the land of oz dwarf crossed with Harry Potter. The comment about the lack of any connection to the Navy was entirely appropriate, an obvious mistake, but one that begs the question: Why call it NCIS-ANYTHING?