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And I really like a somewhat similar scent, Bella Notte, which does feature detectable lavender. Please understand that we all have different noses.

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It lasts forever and projects like a madman at 8-10 hours of longevity and a nice 2-3 hour cloud. Dior Homme Intense is a hight quality scent as niche brand, complex ,deep and unisex. When I'm not sprayin', I constantly smell this off the cap. 2015) First spray, and I am excited for the ride... The anticipation of the purchase, after, continuous sampling at the department store made me believe I was buying something with some “umph.” Maybe this is meant to be more of an intimate fragrance, meant to be experienced up close. I would love to try the vintage Edp; I wouldn’t doubt it packing a punch. Ranked by linearity, PLI is the most linear and DHI the least. You can immediately smell the lavender pear and cedar.Don't think it's a bad fragrance but I didn't like it at all. Somehow, though, as it goes on, it's just a nice, warm-ish, albeit weird, friend that is tagging along with me.Definitely far from great, but certainly interesting, and one I will wear again. Apart from being stunning as it is, it also makes a perfect base for many of my florals. 10/10 Oh no, I found another Dior which doesn’t working on my skin. The perfume pyramid in here does not contain vanilla.DO NOT try to make decisions based on these ratings. Now you get 1 hour of longevity and projection is around 30 minutes, then it is a skin scent. Go for dior homme parfum, that one is a current number one from dior homme line. Scent: 8/10 Performance: 2/10 Versatility: 5/10 sorry but i just can not get past the iris grandma's handbag smell , it is just too much.

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i love the sweetness of it, i prefer the parfum as the iris is there at the begining but soon mellows leaving all the good things.performance of this is very good.i think dior is the best designer house but this one is not for me.

DHI hits the magic spot for many people but maybe not for you specifically. :-) It is as simple as that :-) Not sure what all the fuss is about. So complex with so many layers and traces of subtle nuances that make a symphony of scents that can be only experienced through DHI. I would say this is the definitive male fragrance quality. According to Fragrantica users this is the best fragrance of all times for men. The opening, to me, is like scented packing materials and cardboard.

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