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I am not yet out to family/friends and I am pretty anxious and pensive about it. I'm here for friendship/relationship I'm a fun loving girl I haven't came out to my parents just a friend knows about it. I don't know how you feel when you're bullied for something like since I think of our generation as fairly open but the other... I just heard that EP is going to shut down on 21st April. A person who can desire to be with me forever in all good and bad times. I am happy with a person to sit for hours looking in her eyes, cuddling and feel things... In the end I gave up on her mixed responses and cold demeanour. I would love to be connected to all of you, and let you know that you... Especially when they wanted to get my profile over to a marriage broker. Once the word is out of the house that I am single and available, people would start nagging me. finally i have come across this site where i can share real me and my life! thn i became distant, i hurt her unknowingly, everytym i was angry on something i showed it on her. neither i am d - I am not define by the dress i wear neither i am defined by the cell phone in my hands. I am still not define by the building my parents called Home. I'm new here, I'm a 23 yr old multi-racial female on a journey to finally explore these beautiful feelings I have for females. They're all scared for what the future holds for me and kinda hope and wish I'm a bi or something( I do too) but otherwise they were all cool with it. When i first met u i was like ' oh god, is she really mine? my heart beats faster then ever when u hold me, i hold... I am waiting for someone who can feel things with me. And now we have been together for 1 year and 2 months. Since EP is closing, I would like to connect with desi guys or couples who could freely discuss adult oriented and open minded topics. fell in love with a girl in my class, I thought she felt the same way, since her actions certainly said so. , and I am also the host for a radio show about Indian lesbian, bi and transwomen called Lavender Life on I realize im a lesbian recently,,,none of my frnds families are aware of this..i searched on net then i come to know that in many countries lesbian relationships are legal and India its a sin.......i want to love a girl and be loved by her..any of you is... I met a girl through this app about six months ago. Now, thanks to the internet and sites like mine stories4lesbians can find out our history. I treasure every moment that i have spent with you! so many you tuber lesbian their lives, living their dreams...then, I come back to real it so hard to meet queer people in India.., like minded ppl...every forum is plagued by annoying men making stupid was simpler, at... Have been here earlier and had some good interaction with people and friends here. I am the co-founder of a group for Lesbian and Bisexual women in Bangalore called WHa Q!EP, I had never come across this website before, to add more, my intention was never to look for a soulmate... who waits, I too believe in the same so I m waiting for some one who is matured enough to understand n handle a relationship, a girl who can b my frend, my partner, the with whom I can b myself. and I have found it very hard to meet lesbians especially from India. So maybe we can create a group for Indian lesbians in US and can also have some meetup later on. I thought that i was doing something wrong and that i was not normal and just hid my feelings for 4 years. I would like to have a friend circle of fellow Indian lesbians, honestly, even gays! Then i thought dating a guy could probably put an end to this problem. It could turn out to be a healthy support group for all of us. Hey, it’s not every day that you graduate from college; I guess this kind of naughty behavior is expected!

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