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William Mc Nulty Brodhead was a 4 term Democratic Party member of the U. The Kings Point, New York campus grew from a 12-acre property that was once the waterfront estate of Walter Chrysler. Her beam was 36 feet and 10 inches, and she had a draft of 9 feet and 8 inches. A completion photograph of the vessel in waters outside Boston Navy Yard on 5 April 1944 appears at section right. Without regard for his own safety Sergeant Mc Nulty advised and assisted the company commander in the organisation of his defences and the collection and evacuation of the wounded.The estate's main house, "Forker House", is now the Academy's Wiley Hall. She had 16 guns, 3 torpedo tubes, 8 depth charge throwers, 2 depth charge racks and 1 Hedgehog depth bomb thrower. For "Extraordinary heroism in combat not justifying the Medal of Honor" - the second highest medal of valor awarded to members of the U. As the enemy attack intensified Sergeant Mc Nulty called for and calmly directed for several hours helicopter gunships and artillery, forcing the enemy to withdraw.It quickly became apparent that the enemy holding the position was in far greater strength than anticipated.Sergeant Mc Nulty's force was immediately committed in a mopping-up role.Here some of the Mac Donlevys were nicknamed Ultagh/Ultach.However, historical records such as the 1659 "Census" as well as Griffith's Valuation (1848-1864) show that concentrations of Mc Nultys were found in parts of Ireland where the Mac Donlevys had little presence, coupled with DNA analysis showing that the Mc Nultys may actually derive from other Gaelic families that migrated from Ulaid and not just the Mac Donlevy's.Usually considered a branch of the Ulaid ruling dynasty of Mac Duinnshléibhe (Mac Donlevy) who fled Ulaid to Ailech after the formers conquest in 1177 by the Normans, DNA analysis points to descent from other Ulaid families as well.The name is said to have arisen from a branch of the ruling Ulaid dynasty of Mac Duinnshléibhe (Mac Donlevy) who had migrated to what is now County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland after John de Courcy's conquest of Ulaid in 1177.

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This is a nighttime view of Mc Nulty Hall, which is Seton Hall University's Technology and Research Center.

As his force cleared the objective, an enemy machine-gun opened up, wounding one man.