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15-Jul-2017 22:38

The season five premier was actually the most watched series episode in the history of cable.Due to this popularity, season six has already been commissioned, as well as a spin-off series called ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ which will premiere in the summer of 2015.

The slot is based upon series one of the Walking Dead, so it features some characters who are no longer with us, but I won’t be a spoiler and reveal any names in case you’re watching or about to start.

The Walking Dead first hit our TV screens in October 2010 and has become increasingly popular ever since, each successive series seeing the number of viewers grow.

The popularity of the series has seen the announcement of a spin off series, a number of console video games released and of course, this casino slot by Aristocrat.

That fate befell the lead character of the series, sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, at the start of season one – each subsequent series showing the battles Grimes faces, both against the ‘Walkers’ and other survivors, some as dangerous as the Zombies themselves.

The Walking Dead originally appeared as a comic book series and AMC commissioned a series in the early part of 2010, the first episode airing on Halloween of that year.The CDC wheel allows you to gain the Grenade feature, the grenades exploding to reveal different bonus awards, including the Walker bonus with huge multipliers. Firstly, it’s visually amazing and draws you in to the zombie theme completely, the sound and the rumbling of the i Chair only enhancing the experience.